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Running A Gambling Business In Denmark: The Ins & Outs

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To establish a legal gambling business acquiring a license is obligatory. The only exception is the games where players deal with no money; it applies to all the intellectual games, including not only chess and checkers, but even sports poker, etc. Depending on the type of license, the permit may be obtained by individuals and legal entities. The Board of Directors and entire executive staff must meet the standard requirements:

  • 21+ years old are allowed only;
  • the absence of convictions for a crimes
  • the applicants must prove that the alleged conduction of gambling will be reasonable and effective

In the process of issuing the license a special committee verifies the applicant’s submission, close relatives and business contacts may also fall within the scope of a review. Particularly deep investigation is initiated in case of bookmaking or online casino requests.

The review can be applied not only to the personal data, but also to the business plan, company’s assets, previous activities and etc. Danish Gambling Board has broad powers and the right to refuse for any formal reason (literally picking on minor aspects is possible).

For obtaining the license, the operator must pay a fee of 30.06.2011 amounting to 250 thousand crowns for the bookmaker or gaming site and 350 thousand for both activities. In addition, a permit fee is paid, ranging from 50 thousand to 1.5 million depending on the expected turnover. For more details visit casino apnet.coma Sweden-based business and a far-famed online reviews website for gamblers.

Formally, Denmark, as a member of the European Union is obliged to let in gambling all of the EU countries. However, strict quotas and licensing broad powers of authorities allows Danish powers that have a tight reign on the local market.

Taxation and social responsibility

The tax on gambling in Denmark is calculated basing on gross income and depending on the type of activity: 20% for online casinos and 45% for the 4 million of income for brick and mortar enterprises (75% tax is paid in case of 4ml+ turnover). In addition, the balance after other charges and fees is 25% taxed (corporate tax).

The law strictly regulates advertising and marketing in the field of gambling. Henceforth in advertising representation chances of winning should be balanced so as not to introduce any misleading impressions. Specific recommendations concern the limits of participation of celebrities in marketing campaigns. At the same time it is forbidden to engage in the promotion of games on behalf of third parties. Such promotional activities are permitted only directly on behalf of the provider having the corresponding Danish license.

Danish experience in regulating gambling is definitely worth of considering. Thanks to a state-owned monopoly, the country was able to derive considerable benefits for the budget from gambling. The measures deter the industry from excessive growth. In this case, contributions from gambling are directed to socially important programs in the field of culture, sports and the like, which has a decent effect not only on these areas of responsibility of the state, but also in attitudes towards gambling.

November 2, 2014